PLAYER REGISTRATION: Teams will not be considered fully registered and eligible to play until all documentation required by the Tournament Director has been completed (team roster and medical form). All registration fees must be received prior to the team’s first game. Tournament staff reserves the right to verify any players age. Inaccurate information is grounds for disqualification from the tournament. Teams are required to have proof of age for each player on-hand. If the player/team in question is deemed illegal, that team will forfeit each game in which the illegal player has participated.

AGE GROUPS: Teams should register for the age division they played in the spring 2018 season. Teams will be grouped into divisions according to age, gender, and experience, and will play all their games within their assigned divisions: Under 6-Under 16 and Adult. The tournament is available to both recreational and travel players.

SCHEDULING: We request age breakdowns by single years and will make every effort to keep the divisions as close as possible, but it’s very likely that teams will compete in brackets based on two-year age groupings (i.e., U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and U16). Players may “play up,” they may not “play down.” Every effort will be made to create divisions of similar caliber.

REFUNDS: Entry fees for SoccerFest are non-refundable, even in the case of event rescheduling (i.e. rain date).

NUMBER OF PLAYERS: Teams will consist of up to six (6) boys or six (6) girls or six (6) adults, with a maximum of four (4) players on the field at any given time. A minimum of three (3) players is needed to begin a match and avoid a forfeit. There are no goalkeepers. Youth girls may play on a youth boys team. Adult teams will compete in men’s, women’s or coed brackets as requested by the team and as compatible with tournament registrations. All adult players must be age sixteen (16) or older, although the tournament reserves the right to place a compatible older youth team (i.e. U15) in an adult division if it helps create a more competitive bracket. Co-ed teams shall have one (1) female player on the field at all times. Teams not able to have one (1) female player on the field will forfeit that game.

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