Frequently Asked Questions About the Tournament

Where do I go to register?

From the home page, click the red button in the top left corner that reads "REGISTER."  From there, our online application system will walk you through the entire registration process, including payment.  Please note that the online application is the OFFICIAL means by which your team will gain entry into the tournament. 

Does my roster need to be finalized prior to registering a team?

No, you may submit your roster at any point before the tournament. Coach/maanger will submit player information online during regisration (or you may come back later to add their information).

When is the registration deadline?

The tournament entry fee is $200 per team until the early bird deadline on May 25.  Registration increases to $230 per team from May 26 until June 15.  This is the final application deadline.

How will I know that my team has been accepted?

You will receive an email from our staff (swinter@aboutbwf.com) within five business days of receipt of payment.  If you do not hear from us within that time window, please follow up to the above email address or call 703.533.4825.

Can I sign up multiple teams?

Absolutely! We will make every effort to minimize conflicts, but we cannot guarantee that you won’t be scheduled for two games at the same time.

What’s this I hear about being able to play on both Saturday AND Sunday?

SoccerFest consists of three separate tournament sessions -- 1. Saturday morning; 2. Saturday afternoon; 3. Sunday morning, so in actuality, you could enter your team as many three times (provided, of course, we have enough competitive brackets at your age and skill level to field a division).  

I want to bring in a team from out of town.  Are there any special accommodations?

Yes, SoccerFest makes a concerted effort to attract teams from out of town. To accommodate these teams, we have partnered with the Zenith Group to facilitate simple, convenient, one-stop shopping for hotel accommodations at great prices.  To book your team hotel rooms, please visit www.thezenithgrp.com and click on SoccerFest.

How do I access my already completed application? 

Follow the link here.  You will need your application PIN number, sent by email to the team’s primary contact upon receipt of your application.
Where do I send payment by check?
c/o Brotman-Winter-Fried
1651 Old Meadow Road #500
McLean, VA  22101
(checks payable to "Brotman Winter Fried")
When will the schedule be posted?
A preliminary schedule will be posted as close to COB Monday, June 18. Coaches and managers will have until COB Tuesday, June 19 to inform tournament management is there are any errors or corrections that must be addresses. These errors shall be limited solely to errors that impact the team’s ability to compete at the proper level (i.e., if a girls team was placed in a boys’ bracket or if a 8U team was placed in a 13U division, for example). Please do not request changes because you don’t like your opponents or if you are playing another team from your own club (or a split team from your own squad). The tournament makes every effort to take such scheduling requests into consideration.
Where can I submit my completed medical forms?
We do accept the medical forms on tournament day, but strongly encourage you to submit them earlier if possible.  Forms can be submitted in three ways (by order of preference):
  1. Email to info@playsoccerfest.com 
  2. Fax to the tournament office at 703-536-2255. 
  3. Mail to the tournament office at 1651 Old Meadow Road #500, McLean, VA 22101 
What does my team need for check-in?
Your team’s Roster needs to be sumited online with the completed Medical Form must be turned in at check-in in order to participate in the tournament. We also must have received your team’s tournament registration fee either by credit card or check (see instructions in application confirmation email).
Who can I contact if I have questions?
Please contact our offices at swinter@aboutbwf.com or 703-533-4825.